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As I walk the papers to the shredder, down the hall, in the other room, God began talking to me.  You see, the papers that we got rid of were from past accounts and previous years, so they were unnecessary to keep.  It was time to get rid of them.  Not that they weren’t once useful and required, but now, they were just clutter; they were taking up space that could be used for the files coming in for the current.

Then I got it!  Often, we hold on to things of our past and are incapable of taking hold of things that are in our present or that will be coming in our future; because there isn’t any room left.  We have the bad habit of holding on to stuff past it’s expiration date, past it’s “seven year mark” (that’s now long you must keep papers for accounting purposes).  We must begin to treat that stuff like I did those files.  Or better yet (for all you millennials),


As I began throwing stacks of paper in the shredder, I began to “DELETE” things that were being a hindrance to my life and to the lives of my loved ones; each stack had it’s own deletion.  I began to “delete” insecurities, depression, loneliness, discouragement, financial lack, hopelessness, clouded vision…… I won’t bore y’all with my list cause I had about 3 full boxes of papers, and plenty of time.  LOL!  Anyhoo, I truly believe that with my words and the confidence that I have in God, all those things have lost power in my life, and the lives of those that I


I know you have some stuff that you want to DELETE from your past, and yes, I understand that the past is what helps to create the present.  But you gotta understand that right now, to delete is to get rid of that stuff that’s been taking up space in your life.  Dismiss it as a placeholder of your thoughts, energy, and heart.  Doesn’t mean that it never happened, but it means that it no longer has dominion over areas of your life.  Let God redeem you.  “Lord, you have come to my defense; you have redeemed my life.” (Lamentations 3:58, NLT).

Go through those file cabinets and DELETE!

Mmmkay… it’s my bedtime (uhhh… blog time usually extends beyond bedtime. Lol.)

Love y’all (I really do!),

Ms. A.M.White

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