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Hey all!!!  Sooooo….yesterday, I decided that I needed to switch my hair products.  The ones I have are awesome and I’m sure they’d work if I had a different a hair texture…lol (you can laugh).  Anyhoo, I went to targ

et because I had a gift card and they usually have an okay selection.  As I searched for something that might help to tame AND moisturize my strands, I began to get frustrated.  You see, I’m allergic to coconut oil and just about EVERY natural hair product contains COCONUT OIL!  It’s apparently the “potion” that fixes all of life’s issues…okay…okay…skin and hair issues (you knew what I meant).  All except mine because it causes my issues.  Mmmkay…so, as I was saying…I became frustrated because I couldn’t seem to find ANYTHING that was sans coconut oil and I had to replace mine because they weren’t doing their job ANYMORE.  And that is when it hit me…like HARD!  They NEVER did the job!  I just settled on continuing to use them because they fit the bill of what I “needed”…none of the products on my bathroom counter have coconut oil in them so that automatically qualified them to be used in my hair.  Now, I have been subjecting my hair to their ingredients because, well, I guess I was too lazy and content to go and actually try something new.  Lazy because I figured that there was no need to go on a search that I knew would take at least an hour and I was “getting the job done” with what I had.  Nope…this isn’t a post about hair care.  Stick with me………

What, exactly, is my point????  I know you’re wondering…I just know it…you always do!  Well…glad you were thinking it! 🙂

Often, in life, we settle for things or situations…not because they are exactly ideal…but because they kinda fit the description ofwhat we ACTUALLY want and NEED.  Let me elaborate…….. You know that “job” you settled for that really doesn’t offer the opportunities, benefits, or job security that you had in mind and you kinda had a funny feeling about accepting butyou did any because the pay is alright?  No?  Well…what about that relationship you got in because they showed interest and they are an okay person but they don’t really have any goals, ambition , or relationship with Christ?  Still a no?  Hmmm…how about when you decided to give up on your dreams, vision, and calling, because you were frustrated with the speed of your progress and what you do now seems to be enough to keep you busy???

My point is, we easily “go with the flow” because it seems better than not having anything at all instead of actually waiting for or putting forth the effort it takes to get what we know is actually what we need or require for our lives.  You see, if I continued to use the wrong hair products for too long, you know what? I run the risk of my hair becoming too dry, breaking, and being damaged beyond immediate repair.  Like us, when we “add” the wrong things for too long or just jump into something, we run the risk of depleting in joy, happiness, productivity and becoming unhappy, depressed, less ambitious, heading down the wrong path, and the list goes on.  What I’m saying is, don’t just choose something just to have something…be sure that it’s right for YOU!

Now don’t go tellin people that I said don’t work til you get your dream job…NU UH…YOU BETTER WORK!  But what I am saying is, don’t leave what you have for a couple dollars more KNOWING that the pay raise is ALL that the new job has as a perk and you’d probably be unhappy.  Definitely DO NOT jump into a relationship just to be able to say you’re in one.  NOT WORTH IT!  Be okay with being without some things so that you can be fully prepared  for YOUR things.

As for me…I think I found the right stuff…Sasha (my hair) is happy today but it’s tomorrow that we gotta wait for.  😉

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; an he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”      Psalms 37:4

Love y’all!

Ms. A.M.White

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