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Alecia M. White  is a lover of blogging, coffee, and music.


The Benton Harbor, Michigan native earned her B.B.A from Western Michigan University in 2006, and now resides in Indiana, where she works as an educator and an administrator. 

What initially began as personal journal entries eventually led to her sharing her writing publicly in 2012, via her blog. Through blogging, Alecia gains the opportunity to share her life experiences and mishaps, and relate them to practical and spiritual lessons. More recently, she has become a contributing writer for Team Jesus Magazine, an online Christian magazine with a mission “to promote Christian living excellence that edifies the body of Christ.”


In May of 2018, Alecia released her first book, "The Thing Is.....". In this book, Miss White sheds some light on why we must suffer as children of God, and why

it is so important that we not give up. She gives a pew perspective on being "the sufferer" and enduring, even in times when giving up seems like the quickest way to relief. 


Alecia is privileged to share her love for Christ through her writing as God continues to prove through her calling, that His ways and thoughts

are higher, as the Bible states in Isaiah 55:9.