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Alecia M. White

Lover of coffee, blogging, and stationary, Alecia M. White is an author and administrator. Born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan, she now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2006, Alecia earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University. Since then, she has been able to take her expertise and understanding of business fundamentals and apply them in various arenas. Miss White’s love of administration and organization has led her to attain skills and develop methods that have increased efficiency for all those that she has had the pleasure of working with. In 2017, Alecia began her work as operations manager for national recording artists,

Randy Weston & Judah Band and executive administrator to their lead singer, song writer/producer, G. Randy Weston, II.

Although her degree and background are in business, Alecia has always had an admiration for the art of writing. In conjunction with her appreciation for expression through written word, in 2012, Miss White began publishing her life’s experiences and inspiration through her personal blog. Sharing publicly led to her becoming a contributing writer for online Christian magazine, Team Jesus Magazine, in 2017. In May of 2018, Alecia released her first book, "The Thing Is.....". Since then, she has been afforded the opportunity to write for Pattern Magazine, in conjunction with WFYI Indy and Classical Music Indy as a contributing writer.

Her skills, paired with her writing abilities, have aided in her continued successes. With over 15 years of experience working in the administrative field, Miss White has learned that her role is a link that is too valuable to be missing. “I am trusted to help carry out the vision of others and I get to write all about it. What I do is a superpower, and that makes me a superhero!”

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