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The Thing Is….. suffering is painful! It’s hard! Nobody wants to do it (and with good reason), it is definitely not ideal, and it intrudes on anybody’s regularly scheduled program; and without apology. Suffering causes even the most confident person to ask, “Why me?”, “What did I do to deserve this?”, “Will this ever end?”, and so many other pressing questions that come with life’s negative circumstances. In The Thing Is.…., author Alecia White, sheds some light on why we must suffer as children of God, and why it is so important that we not give up. So often, we hear from the pulpit or the minister’s point of view on how we must conduct ourselves during our times of suffering. Miss White gives a pew perspective on being “the sufferer” and enduring, even in times when giving up seems like the quickest way to relief. So, go ahead and delve into this book filled with life lessons, encouragement, and the testimonies of a few that chose to embrace and endure their suffering. The Thing Is….. you are not alone and you will make it, but you gotta go through it.

The Thing Is.....

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