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I….am a gift.  One that only God could give and only heaven could deliver.  I mean that…in the most humble, non-self centered, grateful sort of way.

My mother, before I was born, suffered a tubular pregnancy that caused her tube to rupture and almost killed her.  It led the doctors to diagnose that she would never be able to birth another child.  After my parents were married, they wanted more children in spite of the doctor’s report.  I’m told, by my mother, that she declared and decreed that she would birth another child.  She stood during testimony services, she spoke it from her mouth.

My daddy gave his life to the Lord in February of 1983 and nine months from that date, I was born.  The doctors were still astonished as I entered the world, wondering how this could happen…how they could be wrong…how I got here…..  It was as if God said, a life for a life…you give to me and I give to you.  Of course the doctor COULDN’T be wrong, so he further declared that my mom could conceive no more.  My parents renewed their wedding vows in May of 1985 and nine months later, my baby brother was born.  It was as if God was saying…I have the final say, not man, not doctors, not tests or technology, so here’s double for your trouble!  (Growing up…my father would ALWAYS tell this story and me and my brother called it the “nine month story.”  We would always wonder why he told it so much…now I understand.)

So, you see, according to man, doctors, odds, statistics, test results, I shouldn’t even be here!  So I MUST trust God, serve God, praise God, worship God, LIVE FOR GOD!!!  Many testimonies declare how God spared life…well along with that I testify that God GAVE life where there shouldn’t have been.  He gave me life when my parents were told they couldn’t bring life into this world.  If anything, this proves to me that there must be a divine purpose and calling on my life.

Why share my story?!?

Well…glad you asked!  🙂

Often, we get reports and news in circumstances that make it easy to doubt God’s plan and will for our lives.  The doctors and all their tests, results, and machines, our financial situations, our relationships, all these things seem to pile up.  I say…just trust Him!  He can use who and what He wants.  Allow your situation to help strengthen your faith.  My mom did…all odds were against her.  Everything in her should have said…”you could die this time!”  “The doctor said it can’t happen.”  “Why try again, you’ll only be disappointed.”  But she dared to trust God.

So…you see…I…am a miracle and miracles come from the thoughts of God toward us.  I am a product of a thought from God!  I am after His heart…my heart beats for Him…my soul longs for Him continuously.  When you see me, you can say that you’ve come face to face with a miracle!

So, since I technically shouldn’t be here anyway…according to “medical professionals”…I plan to prosper and serve God with my all.  I plan to do EVERY good thing that an nonexistent person CANNOT do.  I…am GREATNESS incarnate!!!

I…am a gift…….

Ms. A.M.White

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