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I won’t sit here and claim that I get approached all the time or that every guy and his brother notices me.  Nope…I’m not that one.  But, I’ve had a few recent experiences that have caused me to worry about our young men.  And this time, not in a life or death manner.  No, this is more of a social disturbance.  It disturbs me because, I guess, it’s acceptable.  They don’t say “excuse me miss,” or “hello.”  Instead, they yell out of car windows and stare at you.  It’s kinda sad actually.  Sad that they don’t know or choose not to know.  But………..

I don’t fault the young man that yells out, “aye baby” or “aye girl,” when he tries to get my attention.  Neither do I fault the young man that sat so contently that cold, snowy day in January as I brushed snow off of my car, even though he tried to talk himself up enough to get my number.  I don’t fault the guy at the airport that watched as I lifted my 40 pound suitcase into the trunk of my car and then stated, “I could have gotten that for you.”  I don’t even fault my neighbor for kinda, sorta, helping his son try to talk to me.  And I don’t fault his son for trying to insinuate that I should invite him over to watch movies some time…even though he’d met me only 2 minutes prior…literally 2 minutes.

Nope, I don’t blame them at all!  I don’t blame or fault them because they obviously haven’t been taught better.  I won’t say that they didn’t have parents to teach them.  I won’t assume that their fathers weren’t in their lives to show them how to become.  It’s not my place to judge or analyze what they’ve been taught, or not.  Although, some of their approaches have been ignorant and disrespectful, I imagine that in many cases, maybe most cases, they have received a positive response from their previous target.  There are women that find these kinds of advances cute, endearing, flattering, and acceptable.  In fact, I’ve seen their approaches work time and time again.  So, I don’t blame them…nu un…I don’t…I won’t…cause they don’t know…they can’t know…I kinda hope they don’t just so it justifies, just a little, their behavior.  I have theorized that maybe, just maybe, in all their upbringing and learning, they didn’t learn about “ME.”  It’s a strong possibility that their parents had never heard of “ME.”  Or maybe they didn’t anticipate their sons coming in contact with “ME.”

Who is “ME”?  Well, glad you asked!

“ME” is the one who was raised to be a lady by a lady.  “ME” is the young woman whose daddy has been around and active her ENTIRE life so she’s not looking for validation.  “ME” is the one who has learned not to be down about being at home alone on a Friday night because she is content with just “being still.”  “ME” is the young woman that would rather wait on God!  “ME” is the one that, instead of broadcasting every chance she gets, how much of a Proverbs 31 woman she is and how she CAN’T WAIT for her MAN to come, she DISPLAYS how much of a John 4:24 woman she is becoming. (worship is key!)  “ME” is the young woman that knows what her name is and prefers to be called by it.  “ME” is the one that isn’t easily amused by egotistical antics.  “ME” is the young lady that prefers for the door to be held open and for young men to address her as miss (not girl, baby, aye, etc.).  “ME” is the young woman that would like a young man to not call her mean when she opts not to share her telephone number with him just because he saw her walking to her car and asked for it.  “ME” is the one that doesn’t mind saying “hello” and holding a civil conversation and won’t assume that a young man is “thirsty.”  “ME” is the young lady that REALLY DOES want to please God and lives for Him no matter where, when, or what time.  “ME” is the one that doesn’t think she’s “ALL DAT” but recognizes her own worth.  “ME” is the young woman that hopes other young women will catch on. Soon!

So, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, they don’t know about……..


Miss A.M.White

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