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Today, I went to wor


The thing about it is, I don’t “feel” busy. And by that, I mean that with ALL THE STUFF THAT I DO (if I listed everything off, you’d ask me if I had or needed an assistant or two, or twelve), I’m never exhausted, I ENJOY what I do, and most times, I feel like I have plenty of time in my day to get it all done. Now, of course I have tired days and spaces where I get crunched for time, but I’m not overwhelmed or frazzled. It hasn’t always been this way. And I’m not negating the fact that sometimes it feels like more hours in the day are needed. But what I am saying is that the things that I spend my time on now, are things that I am supposed to be doing in this season.

There was a time when I’d feel so exhausted, drained, and so unhappy that I FELT BUSY ALL THE TIME. I felt like the day was missing at least 16 hours and that I would never complete any task at any time; I felt so unorganized. The reason was because many of the things that I was doing, I decided to do on my own. The people asked and I delivered, but God hadn’t instructed me to do them. I’d let my schedule get filled up with other people’s everything and that was the problem; I was operating out of position. God had placed me in a position that I had stepped out of because others “needed” me. Others wanted me to do things because they knew that “I could get the job done”, or they didn’t trust anyone else to do it (you’ll learn that that’s their issue).  And that was affecting the way I functioned. I was being a “busy body.” A busy body is defined as “a meddling or prying person.” And I was meddling in stuff that God had not given me permission to be a part of.  I was VERY BUSY but not at all PRODUCTIVE.  I’d rather be productive over busy, any day.


What I’m saying to you is, sometimes, we put ourselves in positions where we have too much on our plates because we keep allowing people to pile it on. It’s like those Thanksgiving plates that everyone posts on their social media pages; you know, the ones where everything is piled on top of the next thing (I HATE my food touching, btw). You can’t get through the entire plate because everything is meshing together. And then what happens??? You get full before you finish. Why??? Because you didn’t need to get that much food all at once. Pace yourself (remember that in a month…LOL). Anyhoo….