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Because warts are ugly!

Worry Warts….don’t be one…it’s not cute!  So, clearly, this post has nothing to do with actual warts…but aren’t you glad?!?  Lol…who wants to read about warts?  Let alone write about them.  


Mmmkay…background story….I was a worrier once.  Yep…a worrier…I definitely don’t mean warrior!  I used to worry about EVERYTHING.  In fact, if I wasn’t thinking or worrying about something, I was afraid that I was forgetting something.  I was your classic “worry wart”…and my case was ugly!  Terrible, I know, and I’m glad that I allowed God to deliver me from it.  I say ‘allowed’ because often, we hold on to stuff that God took from us long ago.  It’s when we voluntarily give it up and let Him do a work in us that we are able to move past it.


Okay…anyhoo…this morning, the verse of the day popped up on my phone and it happened to be Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  Now, this came well after Saturday, when I was privileged to assist Judah Band with their video shoot for their song, “For My Good” (if you haven’t heard it check it out…the album is called The Soul Rockers Revival: Gone Fishin’….you’ll be glad you did!).  Okay, so with all of the reminders that “it” is working for MY good, I began my day.  It was as if God was making sure this was in my spirit before my day started.

Over the course of the past few weeks, different things have transpired in my life and God is showing me how to deal with them and what to get ready for.  Today, as I sat at my desk, I begin to think about stuff….you know….STUFF….how it’s gonna work out; when it’s gonna happen; how will I handle it?; can I REALLY handle it?; did I really hear God say what I actually heard God say???  As I’m sitting there, my heart started beating kinda fast and I started to take deep breaths.  Now, remember, I don’t do this “worrying” thing anymore.  I mean, of course I