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Gimme Some Mo’

Hey y’all!!! Yes… yes… I know it’s beyond bedtime AND the time changed on me AND tomorrow is Sunday, which means CHUUUURRRRCH!!! I am SO EXHAUSTED… but the good kind, you know what I’m talkin about, don’t you? When you praise God so long and He wrecks your life so good that now you’re worn out completely? Yep… that kind. Anyhoo… I can’t sleep, but I’m sure that after this post I’ll sleep soundly and wake up feelin AMAZING for church!

Okay, so, here’s my pitch………… So many times, I hear (we hear), “If God NEEEEVVVVER does anything else for me, He’s ALLLLLREEEAAADDDY done enough!!!” And the person that says it means that thang. You hear me?!? They mean it with all their heart and soul. **and the crowd goes wild** Cause they do, they completely lose it! You know they do!  During testimony service, at least one saint would get up and testify of how they had a trying week BUT GOD… and then they would go into their “If God NEVER” spiel and the church would GO IN! And you know what? I used to say THE SAME THING. I used to put that declaration in the atmosphere, but not anymore! Nope… I can’t promise that I believe that anymore. I have much higher expectations of God than that nowadays. Now, PLEASE don’t get me 


You see, God has made me some promises. Like… some pretty BIG promises. And I don’t just mean the “I’m gonna save your family” promises (although He did promise that), but I mean the “This is what I have for you and NOBODY else can get it but you,” kinda promises. The, “Just wait and see how amazingly BIG and wonderful this is gonna be!” type of promises. The kind that I must be alive and well to see, appreciate, and testify about. And you see, I feel as if they are a pretty safe investment to put my faith in, because God told me what was mine and then backed it up with His already written word. “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me


So, not only is God NOT a liar, and He made me promises, BUT they’re gonna be GOOD!  They are gonna be worth my wait!  Yep, that scripture says, “and shall he not make it good?”  Since God is, not only, giving me ALL that He promised me, the least I can do is wait on it.  Yes, yes, one of the toughest things to do is wait.  But I’ve learned (still learning) that waiting on God comes with benefits.  Kinda like waiting for your food to cool off before you bite into it.  If you bite too soon, you’ll get burned.  But if you wait, it’ll be just right.  If you let Him, God will give you the strength to wait, patiently.  “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” (Psalms 27:14).

I know for a fact that just as God remembered Abraham, He will remember me. Nope… that HE HAS remembered me. “For he remembered his holy promise, and Abraham his servant.” (Psalms 105:42). And just as Abraham believed God for His promise, Isaac, I WILL also continue to believe Him for mine. “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.” (Romans 4:20-21). And I shall continue to believe, because IT SHALL come to pass. You don’t have to believe me, but know this, what I’m relaying to you is what God gave me so think on that.

If God made you a promise, hold on to that. Don’t waiver in your faith and belief in Him or His word. Growing up, I would always hear “God said it and that settles it!” Well, I challenge you to stick with that. “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Psalms 119: 89). I know, at times, it may seem like it won’t ever happen, in fact, some of you may have “given up” on Him because it didn’t happen in your timeline…. When you thought that it should happen. That time slot is now, seemingly, empty where your promise should have been. I need you to recall that God is the creator of time, so He can never be late. If it didn’t happen when you expected it to, consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, your timing is off. I need you to also know that, often, that is how the enemy causes us to miss what God has for us, the old “delay/denial trick.” You see, if Satan can get you to believe, long enough, that it’ll never happen, he can cause you to forfeit what’s already yours. DON’T FALL FOR IT! It’s the oldest trick in the book and you are smarter, wiser, and more trusting in God than that. You know that delay DOES NOT mean denial!

Handshake, pinky shake, scouts honor, whatever floats your boat, just remember that God promised.

So, PLEASE don’t settle for “just enough” when God has PROMISED you so much more! “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9)

Love y’all (I really do!!! And I’m praying that you wait on YOUR promises.),

Ms. A.M.White

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