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Happy Birthday Tooooo MEEEEE!!!

Hey all!!!  Happy Monday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 🙂


Reasons I’m bonkers for my birthday……now, I’m sure that many believe it to be so that I can get gifts or attention but really, I get satisfaction from counting down and celebrating. I’m a slight brat so I don’t really get bothered by the lack of gifts but I simply enjoy the acknowledgment that it’s MY DAY!!! Here are a few reasons why…..

I know that I have birthday twins and such but my birthday is MY day. Hear me out…most of my life is basically dedicated to other people…and I’m good with that…it’s a calling and a big part of my purpose. Take a look at what I do for a living, I’m a paraprofessional…a teacher aide. I serve, not only the students, but the teacher as well.  Outside of the school setting, I do administrative work where I assist a few others in carrying out their purpose and being more organized. And, not to mention the importance of me being around my family. So you see, I take this one day as my own…my birthday is MY DAY!  I don’t even expect a lot, in fact, I don’t think people get very excited with me but I reserve the right to call it MINE. 🙂

  1. It’s a reminder that doctors cannot dictate or destroy God’s plan.

So, growing up, my dad would always tell the story of mine and my younger brother’s birth. We called it the “9 Month” story (there’s a reason for that…I did a post a couple years ago about it…maybe I’ll re-share one day soon). Anyhoo…we used to laugh when he told it…not because it was funny…but because we knew it and could recite it verbatim. Well,the very shortened, condensed, no information version is that the doctors told my mom that she would NEVER be able to have anymore children after my older sister and even after my birth, there were unable to explain it. So, I figure that I should definitely be excited about a day that medically, should have NEVER happened. In short, I celebrate a day that they said, could NEVER happen.

  1. It’s a reason to celebrate!

Yes…yes…I know, celebrations can happen for any reason or none at all but birthdays are a good excuse. And I picked mine to be the best excuse! So, I countdown, I make a big deal, and I listen to the Beatle’s Birthday song EVERY YEAR!!! and I grin from ear to ear with EVERY birthday wish I receive.

  1. I get to eat birthday cake.

MY BIRTHDAY CAKE! MY CANDLES! MY SPRINKLES! I only ask for one thing that NEVER changes…EVERY YEAR…THE SAME THING…and that is my cake. It MUST BE white cake with vanilla butter cream icing AND sprinkles. NO replacements, NO exceptions, NO excuses! And I’m a brat about it too.  😉

Now…a few life lessons