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Hungry? Why Wait…???

Quick thought………………….

Just as our bodies cannot sustain without food and water, our spirits cannot survive or thrive without the word of God.  You see, not only is it our instruction manual…our GPS…and our weapon, but it is, literally, food for our souls.  When we fail to “eat” spiritually, we starve our souls.  We become malnourished, underweight, and eventually, anorexic.

You ever gone without eating for a long period of time?  Have you noticed your disposition during these times?  You become irritated, grumpy, hostile even.  I call that “hanger”…and it is REAL

!  Lol…but really…it happens.  Well, those same things happen when we don’t read our word REGULARLY.  We become sad, angry, hostile, and our attitude may even get out of control (I know I’ve experienced all of this at some point *head down*).  And all of this just to realize that it could have been avoided by taking time out of our “busy” (term used loosely) schedules to spend time reading God’s word.  I mean…you wouldn’t just eat once a month…a week…every couple days…would you???

Take a moment and think about it…this lack of “nourishment” may be the source of today’s upset.  It’s okay…just allow yourself to refocus and take some quiet time.  God may be ready to give you the answer to the questions and problems that you’re having.  It is in this time that He reveals to us, even if it’s just that extra peace that we need to rest or the strength to keep going.

“But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by  bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

Please “eat”!

Mama…aka…Ms. A.M.White

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