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I Am Not My Hair…But I was……….

I was always one that believed I couldn’t live without a perm…relaxer…the “creamy crack”.  I needed it…every 6 to 8 weeks like clock work.  In the chair at the salon enduring the burn on my scalp.  Willing to risk the chance of scabs and soreness for the straightest of straight strands of hair.  Yep…had my hair fried…dyed…and laid to the side.  Lol.  Until I experienced chemical damage and I was forced not to get a perm.  I was completely devastated.  You

never know how attached you are to something until something goes wrong with it…I was attached to my relaxer and didn’t know how to do without it.

My hair wasn’t just apart of me…I was my hair.  It was basically gone and I didn’t know what to do.  Then I had a solution.  Well I did it all…ponytails…braids…sew-ins…then I got tired.  I locked myself in the bathroom with a pair of scissors and went nuts!  By the time I was done I had about a half inch of hair left on my head.  Initially I felt INVIGORATED…FREE…then I got sad and scared.  My hair (what little I had left) was gone.  I had no control over it anymore…I was barely there.  But I had to get used to it.  This was about 4…almost 5 years ago.

Well about a year ago, I learned what it really meant to be “natural”…a “curly girl”…I began to really take care of my hair because it is apart of me.  It’s apart of what makes me who I am.  I had to learn to embrace it…it was a part of me that I had to learn to love.  My hair trauma was just another lesson in learning to love me.

Now I know the truth….CURLY GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!

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