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I failed.

I didn't drink all of my water today. Nope, I quit somewhere around 3 pm, and that was it for today. I did, however, have that extra cup of coffee. Now, I figured I would just finish it at dinner, but I forgot and had pop instead (no judging). You see, I have one of those motivational 64 oz water jugs that have an "encouraging word" listed for you at every 2 hour mark. Well, I allowed myself to become very unmotivated from 3:01 until 7 pm, cause that's how much water is still in this jug. Sure, I'll take a few sips before bed, but it's already 11:14 pm and I definitely do not want to spend my night running to the bathroom.

Anyhoo, I know you don't care whether or not I had all my ounces. **Well, like three of you who really know me will question my level of hydration and fuss me out because I had 2 cups of coffee, pop, and not enough water.** But, you've read this far, so I know you're ready for my point. Mmmkay, the point I came here to make is that your not finishing today, does not mean you shouldn't try tomorrow. Just because I didn't finish all 64 ounces today, does not meant I'm going to quit drinking water. Quite the contrary, I will probably need to drink twice as much tomorrow, for today's lack. And I know you are probably looking at all the work you didn't do when you decided the end had come and wondering how you will ever recover. Just get back to it. Initially, it may take twice as much of your time and effort to make up for the lack, but the outcome will be worth the work.

So many of us that do not reach our goals or miss our personal deadlines, give up because we get discouraged. A miss or a fail does not equate an end; it means to try again. Sometimes we give up too easily. The worst part being because we give up on the things that we know are part of our purpose in life. A few of us failed yesterday, last month, or in 2019 and just counted our losses to save face. Because we have mishaps or hiccups, we discount and discredit all the things we once considered to be tell-tale signs that this was what we were called to do. We fall back and allow our pity party to last beyond the weekend and let it carry over into a new week. Eventually, it becomes the norm and we put those dreams to bed, those plans back in their box, and go on as if it was never an almost reality.

This is your sign to "refill your jug" and try again. Sure, I could stop drinking water altogether, but that would turn out disastrous, dehydration is real. Sure, you could stop writing, building that brand, designing, etc., but your disaster would be that this would would never have the chance to experience what you are capable of and called to give. And how fulfilled would you actually be if you gave up on what you have worked so hard for? I read a quote that said, "Do what you were called to do, so that you can stop having an attitude."

Failure breeds lessons that success cannot teach. Take what you're learning and have already learned, apply, and move forward. Now, I know set backs are real and they take time to recover from, but please, make up in your mind that you will recover. Go ahead and rehydrate that business plan.

As for me, I'm going to take a couple more sips and let my jug be until tomorrow.

K. Bye!


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