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I'll Be Straight With Ya...

Do you want the absolute truth? Okay, here it is: There are some things that you will never be ready for. Yep, you heard it from me (read, actually). I truly realized this

when my dad passed. I will never be ready to live my life without him. And like falling dominoes, so many other things come with this recent truth. So many milestones and new mountains that I won't ever be ready to face without my daddy. Mmmkay, want to know something else? You have to anyway. Uh huh... you sure do. It's tough but you gotta. Just as I must continue to live my life, press on, and fulfill my purpose without him here. And again, I will never be ready to do so, but I'm going to.

Nope, this is not an "Awww Lee" post, and I don't expect you to leave hearts and hugs after reading it. This is a "You gotta keep going" post, for all of us. This is to elicit that keep going strength within you. Consider this your sign that just because it gets harder does not mean that you get to quit. Yes, this is your reminder that there is still purpose after all the pain that you have or are experiencing. In fact, there will be times that your purpose becomes more relevant as the pain begins. There will be so many things that you will never consider yourself prepared for. Note that there will be many things that you will cause you to want to count yourself out. And this is precisely why the Bible says to "lean not unto thine own understanding" (Proverbs 3:5).

See, we often think of tough stuff as a cancelation policy when, in fact, it is actually our subscription confirmation to destiny. We've got to be willing to be uncomfortable and keep going even (especially) when it's hard. I know it won't be easy and I am definitely not telling you not to take a break when necessary. Because there will be times when you get knocked down so hard that it takes time for you to get back up. Just please, get back up again.

**Side note: Do not allow others to put a time limit on your come back, but don't allow your knock down to be an excuse for you to quit.**

Do you want to know the absolute truth? Okay, here it is: After all those things you were never ready for, you become ready.

Don't quit. Okay?

I love y'all (I really do),

Ms. A.M.White

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1 Comment

Please get back up again! Whew I felt this! Was just talking about this the other day with my husband. You did it again with this! 🙌🏾

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