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No Matter How Small!

Okay……so…….hey again! Just a quick story……………….

Have you ever been anxious about something bigger than you? I mean, I know that God has ordained it and that He’s in it but I’m just a wee bit on the nervous side. This

 #LaunchOut is……whew…..yep! So, anyhoo…I was heading to Meijer for some coffee creamer (y’all know I needs my coffee), and as I was driving, I said “Lord, I just need a hug.” Now, those of you that know me, know that I. AM. NOT. A HUGGER. I have bubble and space issues (LOL! Idk but anyhoo); but in that moment, I just felt that I needed one.

I went, found my cream and went to the front of the store. As I went through the self checkout, I saw a woman pushing a cart that was full to the brim and she was also pulling a smaller cart (you could tell she had shopped for the entire household). I watched a few people walk past her as she said “excuse me” for being in their way. I walk up to her and as if she’d like some help. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “would you???” Well, of course…so I grabbed the larger cart and began pushing. As she was shocked that I took the larger cart, she said, “you are such a blessing.” I walk her to her van and as I left the cart, she says, with a confused look, “can I hug you?” Me, confused as well, said “sure”. She gave me the most motherly hug and thanked me again. I told her to have a blessed night and I walked to my car.

As I began walking, tears began streaming down my face….then I cried….I mean SOBBED….all the way home!  You see, in that moment, I realized that God hears ME! Now, don’t get me wrong, I KNOW He hears me and He answers me; but sometimes, I think I forget that He answers even the smallest of prayers. I said that I NEEDED a hug and He hugged me…through this lady with two carts FULL of groceries on this Tuesday night. He let me know that I am right where He wants me, doing EXACTLY what He wants me to do. That hug let me know to just keep going with this greatness that He placed inside of me…..this greatness that’s so much bigger than me and what I think I want to do.

You see, sometimes, we get where we finally hype ourselves up enough to realize that God wants us to go ahead and ask for the big stuff. We trust Him for the jobs, cars, homes, ministry, and so on; but by that time, we kinda forget that He cares about the hugs, compliments, and pats on the back that we need as well. We forget that He hears the prayers we pray under our breath; the “Lord help me today.”, “Please help me to SHUT UP!”, “OMGosh…please don’t let them come over here.” prayers that we pray. That kind of stuff, He hears and answers as well. If you sit a minute and think on it, you’ll see that I’m right. You’ll see that God helped you and gave you peace when you asked Him to. He caused you to to keep your mouth shut and stopped you from blurting out that one thing you were gonna say. You’ll realize that He had that one person go the other way because somebody entered the room that they just had to talk at just the right time so, they didn’t come near you.

I just want you to understand that, HE HEARS YOU!

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

Okay…..goodnight. Love y’all!

Ms. A.M.White

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