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Oh How He Loves You and Me…..

Jesus sat at the table with Judas KNOWING that he would betray Him.  Judas was, in a sense, chosen to head the ultimate plot.  I mean, Jesus…is…JESUS…the Messiah…God…the Savior, He could have ratted him out to the other disciples. They would have handled him. Or better yet, He could have just did away with Judas Himself. Stricken him with some incurable disease, blinded him, or just killed him.  Jesus could have done ANYTHING.  But…He didn’t…or did He?  He loved Judas…taught Judas, protected Judas. He did do something…but the something He did ran much deeper than revenge.

I mean, Peter denied Jesus…not once, but thrice!  But Judas, he planned his betrayal.  And for what?!?!?  Silver!  Not even for eternal, indispensable things did he give up my Jesus…but…for…silver.  I’m sure, he could spend in a week…so not worth it.  That just goes to show that sometimes your “death” must be planned in order for you to live.  Just ask Jesus.

Anyhoo…as I was saying, this Judas character…one that was taken in and changed by Jesus…turned on Him.  My point…in so many ways, we ARE as Judas WAS.  We come to God’s house, sit at His “table”, worship at His alter, say we want nothing more than to serve Him, then…we betray Him…we let Him down.  We go places we shouldn’t…say things we shouldn’t…stay with and around people that He forbids.  And it’s not a “Peter denies Jesus” type of thing either.  Uh uh…it’s a “I am judas and I’m about to turn Jesus in for 30 pieces of silver…just watch” type situation.

But even knowing ALL of that about me…Jesus still died..and rose so that I could live!  AMAZING!

They call it good…I call it AMAZING FRIDAY!

Miss A.M.White

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