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Please Note…….

There WILL be MANY times when you feel alone…you know…like your friends “ain’t yo friends.”  Like…your phone must be broken because you paid the bill but nobody calls or texts you back…or first.  It’s GONNA happen!  It’s happening NOW!  The thing is, you can’t possibly be alone because Jesus promised, in Hebrews 13:5, that He would never leave nor forsake you.  That means He’s ALWAYS there!  And remember, when God hand picks you, everybody won’t be readily available to you at any given moment because sometimes, God wants you to Himself.

Another thing you must remember is that everybody can’t hang with you!  That’s right, some of those “friends” that you have…the ones that you don’t really feel comfortable around anyway, the ones that make you question yourself over and over…the ones that you really kinda sorta feel disconnected from but you chill with anyway…yep…those “friends,” they can’t hang.  And it’s okay to let them go.  God said Himself…”For many are called, but few are chosen.”  Matthew 22:14, and often, that means that they have to go their own way…and you, yours.

Some people, you just have to separate from, for a season or until and unless God says otherwise.  It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, or that they were never to be apart of your life, but some things you must go through alone.  Even Peter, James, and John fell asleep as Jesus prayed in agony…and they were His dudes!  (read all about it…Mark 14:32-42)

The calling on your life is great and the anointing, greater.  So, don’t despise the times when you have to get away in order to protect your anointing.  Think of it this way…when a program is being installed onto a system, that system must be left alone in order to process what is being received, without error.  Sometimes, you just have to be alone so that God can download into you what you need, for the assignments to come.

So…….don’t be discouraged…be encouraged that God is setting you apart for a purpose and a time with a plan for your life.  And I’m telling you this because I know ALL about it.  Well……..

Until next time……

Ms. A.M. White

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