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Stay On The Line….

Sooooo…the other day, I called T-Mobile (I was having problems with my cell phone internet) and the representative wasn’t very helpful so I asked to speak with someone else. Well, he said, “please hold while I transfer you”, and then, of course, he transferred me. I was on hold for a minute and really wanted to hang up but I didn’t, I waited (please pat me on the back!). My point??? Well…glad you wondered…. Often, when we are “put on hold” for too long, we hang up…we disconnect our call…especially if it’s a personal, non customer service call. We get tired of waiting…impatient…agitated. Our disgust grows as we wonder how in the world someone could think it’s okay to keep us holding that long and and what in the universe could they possibly be doing. If you’re anything like me, you have an allotted amount of SECONDS that you are willing to hold before hanging up. And you know what??? It’s understandable (hey…I don’t like being on hold either) especially if you’ve been on hold waiting for customer service for longer than 17 minute.

P.S…these are just benefits God provides as we wait…this does not even begin to include what He gives when the waiting is over…!!! #holdon

Ms. A.M.White

#Inspiration #Encouragement #DailyInspiration #Life #Patience #Wait #Truth

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