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Tailor Made.

My dad is a tailor and he has has been my entire life, and even before I was born. In fact, he’s still the only one allowed to alter any garment of mine; I just don’t trust anybody else to do it. A split seam, pants too long, need an extra button hole, yep, only my dad can fix it. And I mean that! Only once has anyone else attempted to alter anything of mine, and

that was my prom dress, and that didn’t end well for that seamstress at that dress shop (that’s another story though).

Growing up, I’d always hear customers ask my dad, “Aye Eddie, how much would you charge me to make this suit I want?” My dad’s answer was always about the same, “Aw man, you can’t afford for me to make you a suit.” See, my dad has always been about the quality that he produces and not just about the amount of money he can make. Which is why he’s still the best around. Anyhoo, his theory is that if you can find something similar to what you want, it’s cheaper for you to purchase it and him to alter it to your preference and liking than for him to create the garment from scratch. This is true. Now, in his making the entire suit, there would be the cost of material,

thread, labor, him seeing your vision, and all the time that it would take for him to make it.

No, my point is not for you to know how good a tailor my dad is, although, now you do. My point is this…**ehem**: So many of us are waiting on promises from the Lord. We trust Him and believe they will come to pass, yet, we are becoming impatient. We look at others who seem to have all that we have desired but they don’t seem to have gone through what we’ve had to endure in order to get it. We are becoming weary… we can’t do that. Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Understand that, your promises are being “tailor made” just for you. It is much “cheaper” to have what someone else has, to just settle for what is in front of you. That’s definitely not what you want! Although it may take longer, and it will “cost you more”, it will be worth the wait to have that “perfect fit.” Thank God that He is about the quality of the blessing that He has for us. I know that if it was personally up to me, I’d have missed mine a long time ago from settling for what was available.

The “material” used to create your “perfect suit” will only be fit for you and no one else. See, when something is tailored to your body, it won’t fit anyone else perfectly. It is not a cookie cutter pair of pants or shirt that kinda fit but have some loose or tight areas. Nope, when something is tailored to fit you, your exact measurements are used to form that piece of clothing. And just as I only trust my dad to alter my clothing, we must only trust God to alter our futures and destinies. He is the best creator for these special order promises that we have coming. And speaking of special orders, when a tailor makes something for a customer from scratch, they must understand exactly what the customer wants. That vision of that garment is important in order for it to come out as expected. But we don’t have to give God our vision. Nope, He is the vision creator, He’s the one that gave us vision.

So, just because you don’t have yours yet, does not mean that they aren’t coming and it may not even be a delay (y’all know we like to say that… delay does not meant denial). It may just be that your garment isn’t ready yet, you know, because it is tailored for you and being made from scratch. Delay means late or a hindrance in the time of arrival. Your promises isn’t delayed… it’s not late… it is being delivered right on time. It just takes longer to make. We want so much to have only what God has in store for us, but we have such a hard time waiting on it. It’s normal, we are human, and our capacity for waiting is short, most times. “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” (James 1:4). But go ahead and be patient… this garment… this promise will be one that you can wear the rest of your life. It’ll be worth the wait for the perfect fit.

Y’all enjoy your Saturday. It’s raining where I am so, I’ll probably just hang with my pen and paper today. 😉

Love y’all (I really do)!

Ms. A.M.White

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