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Want it…go get it!!!

Had an “AH HA” moment the other day…I mean it’s a given but I had to really catch it…people will work for what they want.  If you want it, you will make it happen.  I had to learn that for myself because I would often wonder why things wouldn’t go the way I planned or wanted them to go.  I had to stop and think, “what did I do to make it happen?”  In some cases, I didn’t do all that I could have.  Lately, I have been figuring out what I REALLY want in my life and I have begun to take steps to make those things happen.

I had to even stop and look at myself where others are concerned.  I had to realize that I can’t control others and what they work for and what they do.  I have to know that others must think for themselves and if I feel less than because of how they make me feel then I need to step away.

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that sometimes what is apart of your life is not meant to be.  That means you have to let go…wow…letting go sometimes seems like DEATH.  It seems like you’ll suffocate without that thing or person.

I’m at a place where in some aspects being comfortable is no longer an option because I have to step out of my comfort zone and try new things mainly by letting go of the old things. It’s tough but necessary!  I have learned that there is more to me than meets the eye.  And I intend to prove it.  I’m done being the one that can’t see in herself what everyone else sees.  I must see my own potential!

I have realized that I am…or was…one of those people that was so comfortable with what was that I would hold on even if it wasn’t working for me…even if it was doing me more harm than good.  It was familiar…comfortable…but it wasn’t good for me.  It was getting me NO WHERE!!!  I mean think about it…who will just sit in a parked car for days at a time because it is less terrifying than putting it in gear and pulling out of that parking space?!?  NO ONE!!!  Exactly…which is why I had to learn to let go.  I was sitting in a parked car going no where REALLY FAST!!!  Yeah…oxymoron…no where/fast.  But I was and I had to learn that if I really want something…I mean REALLY WANT IT…I MUST…MUST…MUST work for it.  NO EXCUSES.  Nobody is going to just hand it to me.  Besides…I’ll appreciate it more if I work for it.  I’ll be less likely to let it slip and revert back the way things were.

So I have mentally…and I need to write them down…set a list of goals that I WILL achieve.  I have NO EXCUSES as to why I can’t complete them.  I have help…resources…and time to do so.  I am done being stuck in a place where I can’t see a future or a path.  I am ready to take complete control of what I do and don’t do.

If you want it you will work for it!  The end…that’s all…no more…that simple!!!

I digress…………

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