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You So Hot…You Shine!!!

Diamonds….are amazing, right???  I mean, they sparkle and shine and if you get a good one (cause some of them aren’t worth what they look), it’ll cost you “a pretty penny”.  When couples intend to marry, the groom to be goes looking for the “perfect” diamond to present to the lady in his life.  He wants it to be the best that he can offer (you know they say that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”).  Yes, diamonds are gorgeous but they cost.


Do you know how a diamond is formed?  They are formed at high temperatures and under intense pressure within the earth.  And it takes billions of years to form them.  Yep…so you don’t just happen upon a diamond while taking a walk on a breezy day.

Pearls…my personal favorite and a fan favorite of girly girls everywhere!  Pearls are delicate and can accent just about anything; outfits, walls, tables…anything.  I have a string of pearls that belonged to my paternal grandmother.  You can see the wear in them, but she was born in 1913 so go from there in figuring out how old they are…lol.  I only wear them for SUPER special occasions and I keep them put away.  Why?  Because they are special, they are valuable to me.  Pearls are classic, so they never go out of style.


How are pearls made?  Well, when a parasite or another irritant gets inside an oyster, the oyster begins to coat the irritant with a natural fluid, as a defense mechanism.  It coats with several layers until a pearl is formed.  Yeah…not a cute process.  And, depending on the type of pearl, it can take between 1 and twenty years to form.

Rubies, the “precious stone” that every girl aspires her “price” to be “far above”.  “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10)  Rubies are another gorgeous stone that looks good, sparkles, and shines.  To some, they may seem less in demand and more of something that your grandmother would have in her jewelry box than something you would see in your girl’s necklace.  But they are still amazing,